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October Tax Deadline
8:29 a.m. - 2007-10-16

The forecast rain did not show up yesterday. I spent the day doing errands and knitting on my sweater. This is another tax deadline time, so the spouse is mostly a no-show as he drives all over delivering tax statements. One of my errands yesterday was to drive into the next town to visit the spouse's office to sign our own taxes, because the accountant does not do his own taxes in April like the rest of the population, but he gets an extension and does them later. After all the hustle and bustle, the spouse offered to take me out to dinner, but it was too late, I had already cooked.

I have three sewing projects in the works. I have to finish (or even start) stuffing the dressform for Abby, hereafter known as 'Betty' (the dressform, not the girl), cut out the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag that Melissa wants me to sew for her, and trace and adjust the pattern for a suit jacket for Abby. I have not put a lining in anything since I took a tailoring class my junior year in high school, so it should be interesting. I may also try a Hong Kong seam finish for the first time.

In knitting news, there isn't any. The Ranch Red sweater progresses slowly, though I am two thirds of the way done with the first front. After I finish the fronts I will slap the rest of the pieces onto the machine and get them finished in a flash. Life is good when you are not doomed to suffered through endless stockinette stitch.

Now it is time to go put fresh water in the birdbath.

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