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California Burning (Again)
8:30 a.m. - 2007-10-24

Haven't been doing much of anything exciting, just driving my dad to the doctor, going to the fitting class, trying to get my sewing mojo back. The big event this week was putting the winter coverlet on the bed since the weather has cooled off quite a bit. The big fires down south do not affect us here so far, though some years the smoke can blow a very long distance. That place burns up every year or so. I do not understand why people live there, especially in Malibu which burns up quite often. At least up here, people seem to have learned a thing or two from the Oakland Hills fire, and brush clearing and quick response have improved mightily.

Oh, one thing that happened this week was The Incredible Quesadilla Gyp. I drove my dad to his doctor appointment, but parking there at Kaiser was nonexistent, so I drove across the street to the little shopping center to park. I hadn't had breakfast yet, so when I saw that the burrito chain place next to Taxi's was open, I went over and ordered a cheese quesadilla. Holy cow, it cost almost $5 so I assumed that it would be a quesadilla of mammoth proportions, but no. They just threw a regular tortilla on the grill, put some grated cheese on it, folded it over, and presto, the biggest burrito gyp in the world. Lesson learned. Heck, I could have bought a whole sandwich at the Safeway for that kind of money.

I have my birthday money from Jason and a nice check from the in-laws, and I am having trouble thinking of what to spend it on. I was thinking that I would get an Ott Light to help with my meager photography skills, since the light levels in the house are fairly low, but I saw that they are incredibly expensive, and the replacement bulbs cost up to $30 each. So that was out. I shall have to ponder this pleasant problem.

But this reminds me, I need to send a thank-you card to the generous inlaws for the birthday gift so I will close this and do it now.

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