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The First Christmas Shopping
7:38 a.m. - 2007-10-28

The spouse and Melissa wanted to go see some redwood trees, and I was invited to go along. I declined the honor, because I am a little tired of driving around endlessly with no shopping at the end of the drive. Anyhow, off they went, and now that I have heard the tales of their fun day, I am so glad I made my own plans. They actually hiked! So not what I would like to do. Instead, I drove to San Jose, which is not endless driving because I was headed to my favorite store. After some successful shopping there, I decided to cut across town instead of just hopping back on the freeway. I ran into 880 and headed toward Oakland. Saw an exit for The Alameda and took that too. I did not know that San Jose had such a nice section with beautiful old houses, huge trees, cute shopping districts. Totally serendipitously, I saw a sign for a yarn shop. This lovely shop turned out to be Commuknitty, and I can't tell you what I bought, because it is Christmas related. There was a used bookstore two blocks down so I walked there and saw one of the nicest and biggest used bookstores I have ever seen, except for the one in Modesto. It was old and a rabbit warren of books, my favorite type of bookstore. I even found an old knitting pamphlet, but it was the only one there. I cut across town on Mission and intersected 680 to go home again.

Today I am going to continue tracing off a jacket pattern for Abby and watch my cooking shows. The spouse is spending the morning in the office, so I am free to junk up the living room with pattern paraphernalia.

Halloween is coming up next week and the spouse has bought candy for this event, but he has stashed it somewhere so I will not break into it. He is getting better at the stashing because I couldn't find it. It is not safe from him though, since I see there is an open bag of Kit Kats in the cookie jar.

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