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A Busy Week
8:39 a.m. - 2007-11-24

This week has been full of sewing and cooking. I am making Christmas gifts at a good clip now. I have the husband's December birthday also, and my MIL's, plus the FIL is having surgery shortly, so it will be a busy month. Abby did a good job catering the two Thanksgivings, and we were left with a massive amount of leftovers. Last night we were packing up the leftovers from Thanksgiving #2 into ziplock bags and freezing them flat. I love the view of less cooking in the future that greets me from my freezer. Two delicious jello salads were brought this year by two different sisters-in law. Susie made a fabulous black raspberry jello with fruit folded into the whipped cream topping, and Jane made her usual wonderful green jello full of I am not sure what. I am such a gourmet, I love jello salads. My mom only ever made the tri-colored one at Christmas, but my MIL makes several good ones, my favorite being the orange one with the Mandarin oranges in it.

Now, on to the funny stuff. I went over to my dad's on Thursday to help him clean up the big back room and get it ready for the Friday dinner (we have Thanksgiving with my dad a day late). I was getting set to vacuum the expanse when my dad told me to wait, went and got his leaf blower and proceeded to blow all the dust and papers across the room and out the back door. It was hilarious, such a manly solution to a cleaning chore, but I have to admit, it worked great. I stood off to the side and grabbed big items with the reacher-grabber as they flew past.

Now that we have purchased a new vacuum cleaner, my spouse was eager to get rid of the old one. He wanted to throw it away, but I wanted to put it out on the curb to see if anyone would take it. He was very sceptical that anyone would want it, but I have noticed over the years that the immigrant population is much more handy at fixing things and making them work. We have put out an old TV, a broken dehumidifier, various furniture items etc., all with a note on them that honestly states their condition, and they all disappear, saving us a big fee for going to the dump. So, in spite of the spouse's opposition, we put the vacuum out on the curb, and in less than 24 hours, it was gone out of our lives. I am glad because the motor was in fine shape even if the roller brush had broken.

I do not go shopping at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving, in fact, I usually avoid all stores, and I am never going to get up at 4 am to shop. This year I made an exception and went to the fabric store (at 11 am) for the sale on flannel. I just cannot resist 99 cents a yard. The store was absolutely mobbed, but I managed to find several good lenths of flannel for future sleepwear.

Now, back to my sewing.

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