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Shop Til You Drop
4:30 p.m. - 2007-12-10

Well, things are picking up. I decided to endure a day of Christmas hell and try to do the shopping all at once. I am also taking the lazy way out and getting gift cards for the many nieces and nephews, but I still needed to get a ton of stuff. I am proud to say that I accomplished it all, even though I think I overbought for the girls as usual. I still have two presents to finish sewing, but the pressure is definitely off. I treated myself to breakfast at the B@y Leaf Cafe to sustain me in my day of credit card overheating. I am grateful to my daughter for pointing out to me that Target has really great pricing on a lot of stuff, so that reduced my shopping stops quite a bit.

We went over to see the EG's on Sunday and found Grandpa looking pretty good after his surgery. They had sent him home on Friday with no support whatsoever, and even forgot the promised walker, so the poor EG's would have been up a creek but for the efforts of my spouse, who rushed out and rented a walker and spent the day helping them out. The medicos finally sent over a home health nurse for the physical therapy, and she admitted that mistakes had been made in Grandpa's aftercare response, but all is fine now. Grandpa is quite chipper and healing nicely.

I even found a great present for the spouse. Costco had a whole table full of lovely name brand flannel shirts, which the spouse specifically asked for, and the price was great so I got him some. And two umbrellas, since he has lost all of the other ones.

I am craving Chinese food this week, so I will have to get that batch of fried rice I made last week out of the freezer. Fried rice with spam, can't get better than that.

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