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Christmas Comes But Once A Year, Thank Goodness
5:31 p.m. - 2007-12-12

Oy, I am tired. I am still sewing Christmas presents like mad, but today I finished up the book for my great-nephew. I had in mind a small volume of stories written and drawn into one of those blank sketchbooks, but the only book I could find had, seemingly, a million pages in it, so it has turned into a big job. I did manage to pry some humourous stories about my brother-in-law (the recipient's much loved Bumpa) from my MIL, and finished typing it up and illustrating it today. Even got all the illustrations glued into the book.

I like knowing that almost all of the Christmas shopping is done. I just have two more items to sew, then I can go back to my knitting.

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