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Surf's Up
6:12 p.m. - 2007-12-16

We had to go to Carmel-By-The-Sea this weekend for a business dinner. Just what I love, standing around for an hour and a half, getting exhausted and just wanting to sit the heck down, with a bunch of strangers who are talking about accounting. I do so loathe the cocktail hour. But, strangely enough, the evening turned out to be quite enjoyable. We all know I am not a shining light of social charm, but I was quite successful with the chatting and the standing and the eating a very late fancy dinner in front of strangers. One couple brought their little daughter with them, and she was a delight to talk to, and one of the partners had her husband with her, and he is a vegetarian, so that was interesting to hear about, and everyone was just nice and interesting. Strangely enough, including me. Maybe I am getting better at this.

We stayed overnight in Carmel and rose early for a walk on the beach. It was overcast and cold, and the waves were tremendous. One local inhabitant, walking her dog, commented to us that she had never seen the waves so high. I have been to Carmel many times but never to the beach there. The beach is very pretty with lovely soft sand. There is quite a drop down to the beach, so on the way back, we had to toil up a great dune to get back up to the street. After that, we drove down old Highway 1 for a bit and eventually found our way to the outlets in Gilroy. He had luck there at the SAS Outlet and got himself another pair of shoes for work, but I had no luck at the Coldwater Creek outlet, though I was impressed by the great deals there. Then my kind husband drove to San Jose so that I could visit the Japanese store, and a few magazines were bought.

Now we are tired but glad to be home. I have a few more items to finish sewing for Christmas, and one of these days we are going to have to put up the tree.

Now I am going to go read my new Japanese purse-making magazines and do some serious TV viewing.

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