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8:44 a.m. - 2007-12-27

The temperature has been quite low during the night this winter. Last night was supposed to get down to 31 degrees, which would make a Midwestern person scoff, but here we worry about the citrus trees and the outdoor geraniums. One year most of my freesias were frozen and I ended up having to replace them. All this is still better than having to drive on snowy and icy roads, though. I heard some rustling this morning and went out to scare away a squirrel who was trying to cozy up to one of the house vents near the roof. Maybe he is looking for a warm place too.

I went to see my dad last night, and he is doing well. He made my favorite for dinner, salisbury steaks in gravy and the ubiquitous broccoli, and after the housework was done, we played Scattegories. I find this game fun but difficult, since my brain gets stage fright and blanks out because of the ominous ticking of the timer.

In other entertainment news, Abby got the new Hairspray movie for Christmas, and she played it for us the other night. That is a terrific movie from beginning to end, and I loved it. Everyone in it is just excellent, especially Nikki Blonski. And John Travolta was genius.

Yesterday was a waffling day, between projects. I have finished all the Christmas stuff and am just wandering around unable to start anything new, but today I will get my act together and start sewing Ab's T-shirt.

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