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Soggy Day
12:22 p.m. - 2008-01-11

Well, the rain is finished for this week anyway, but the skies are gloomy and the air is damp. I went out to the grocery store this morning and saw a tiny patch of blue, but the clouds covered it in short order. I am trying to get some laundry done today in the break between storms. I don't like to go out to the garage in the pouring rain, so I just keep putting the laundry off. There is quite a mountain of stuff to be done, but it is supposed to be sunny this weekend and I plan to get a lot of it out on the line.

The world is showing signs of new life though. The alfalfa seed the spouse threw out on the garden beds have sprouted. It lifts the spirits to go out on a cold grey day and see new sprouts.

I was at the library the other day and spotted a movie I have always wanted to see - Snakes On A Plane. Not that I am interested in snakes chomping people or anything, but the straightforward nature of the title has always amused me. Well, I checked it out, and the spouse and I watched it last night. There was definitely a lot of gratuitous chomping and some blatant stupidities, but also moments of pretty good humour. We are both glad it was free and we don't have to regret spending any money on it, however.

So far the exercise and healthful eating are going well. I have made Thursday into soup day, and having a low fat soup in the fridge for lunches really cuts down my cravings. Last week I made vegetable/chicken and last night I made lentil/sausage. I found a new-to-me brand of turkey sausage at the Winco so I got several types to try, and the Italian was great in the soup.

The spouse and I have given up on the church we used to go to now that the inlaws prefer to go to the church near their retirement community. I have taken up my brother's invitation to try out his church, and so far I really like the pastor and the whole setup. It's nice to go to a service that does not go on for hours and is not accompanied by all kinds of aggravations and annoyances such as tuneless and thumpy music. We went to the other church for 20 years so that we would make his parents happy, sitting next to them in the pew, but now we can go where we like. Also, the chairs at the new place are great, like theater chairs, with cupholders and everything. What on earth would you need a cupholder in church for? The religious aspects are nearly identical, so why be annoyed all the time?

Now that I have just come back from the grocery market, shocked at the price of a loaf of bread, I must go load up the breadmaker and save myself a ton of money.

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