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Rainy Week
11:37 p.m. - 2008-01-25

Let's see now, all that worrying about it being a drought year was certainly a waste of time on the part of many people (we are talking about you, newscasters). They are now talking about flash flood warnings, but only in Marin County, and I don't live there. Meanwhile, I am confined to the house by the relentless rain, but I am well stocked with DVD's from the library to watch while I knit.

But what I am doing mostly is being disgusted at myself for going to the doctor for a checkup so soon after the holidays. I should have waited for the cholesterol levels to subside a bit first. The result was a shockingly high cholesterol count and a complete change in my food habits. Since I have to go back in for another test in 3 months, I have that long to whip my lipid levels into shape. This is not too hard, and is even interesting. To help me along in this new adventure, I bought 'The Healthy Heart Cookbook' by Joseph C. Piscatella which I found on the sale display at B@rnes & N0ble. It really has some terrific recipes in it, over 700 of them, so I should be able to fashion a workable meal plan. I figure that now that I have invented a very tasty wholegrain tortilla, I am set for most meals. I am going to miss the cheese though.

One of the movies I watched today was 'The Island' with Ewan McGregor and somebody or other Johanson. It looked fairly stupid, but I was surprised to find myself enjoying it very much. Oh, it was predictable and cliched, but had some great funny moments too.

There is less than a month until Stitches, which is something to look forward to. Tomorrow I am going to make more tortillas and some soup, and try to fit in a walk between the rain showers.

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