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Right Time, Right Place
5:52 p.m. - 2008-01-29

I checked out the book, America's Test Kitchen Light Recipes, at the library, and it had so many useful recipes that I decided to buy it. I couldn't find it at the used book store, so I was going to have to buy it new. I had only a fraction of my spending money left for this month, but it should be enough, I figured. I went to B&N, and was resigned to paying full price, but when I was only a few steps into the store, I remembered my savings card, or whatever it is called, that might entitle me to some discount at B0rder$. I left B&N and drove over to the other store. While there, I found my book and also saw the new issue of Cook's Country Magazine. Would I have enough money for both? I decided to risk it in case the store really did have a discount. When I was in line for the cashiers, the lady in front of me turned to me and asked, "Are you spending more than $20?". When I said yes, she told me that she had an extra coupon and she gave it to me - it was for 40% off!! So it was my lucky day to be standing in line behind that nice lady.

When I was leaving the house, I accidentally ran over one of the trash cans that the spouse had set out for trash day. Luckily this happened post-pickup, but I could see the big blue plastic trash can rolling around on the driveway as I drove off. When I came back from the bookstore, I accidentally ran over the same trash can, and this caused the can to pop back up into its original place and upright position. Now you couldn't do that on purpose if you tried for years.

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