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House Tour
1:51 p.m. - 2008-02-06

I got a call from the library telling me that I had books to pick up, so I set off to walk across town to the library. I take the stroller to carry the books. That stroller is the best stroller ever. When the girls were little, I had a string of different strollers, and they would all wear out one after the other, including a chichi hand-me-down Perego whose wheels wore down to the rims. This present stroller belonged to the J's and came into my house when the Bean was a baby. They never wanted it back so I kept it for library duty. The Bean is now in high school so that will give you an idea of how old the thing is. Still looks as good as new and has seen some fun times. Once, we took it to the farmer's market to carry the vegetables. The girls got too hot, so they took off their jackets and hats and threw them into the stroller. After we had bought a small pumpkin, we had a brainstorm and stuffed one of the jackets with the bags of veggies and put the pumpkin on the neck for a head with one of the girls' hats on top. We covered the nether regions of the fictional child with the other jacket and wheeled the stroller around the market shopping. It was fun watching the doubletakes people made.

On my way back from the library, I stopped at the new housing development that is being built where the old Lucky's was near Long's. I went into the sales office just to pick up literature, and the nice man there volunteered to give me a tour of the two completed houses. I am not in the market, I am just nosey, but I did not tell him that. The houses are beautiful though I noticed that the upper deck of one model does not drain the rainwater off very well. I don't think I could live in a 3-story house though. I am always impressed at how staging a house can make it look so nice and even the smallest rooms look big and gracious. He said they were going in the mid 600's, though he made a lot of hints about bargaining etc due to the bad housing market.

I got the rest of the Mrs. Tim series from the library, so I had better so get reading.

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