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Mom's Day Out
3:55 p.m. - 2008-02-15

Took off for most of the day today to go to San Mateo for the sewing festival thingy. I was looking for a program for drafting patterns, and the only one there was the B€rnina one, which costs $500. The lady trying to sell it to me took off her coat and showed me the blouse she had made using the program and told me all about it at great length and how pleased she was with it, but the whole time I was looking at the tight, illfitting blouse and wondering if the program was really as good as they claim. So I think I will pass on that one. Of course, I could just draft patterns out by hand and see how hard it is, saving myself hundreds of dollars.

After that I got lost a little but found my way back to the right freeway and on to Joanne's where I bought some of the colorful cotton that was on sale today. I plan to make a Mexican peasant dress out of bright orange with embroidery on the yoke. Then I went to the rubber stamp store but alas, they have done away with most of the items I liked (like art supplies and texture sheets) and have gone all scrapbooky, which interests me not. I just do not find scrapbook pages very successful because they draw attention away from the pictures, which is the main focus I thought. I like the old fashioned kind of photo album with blank pages and little stickum corners holding the pictures in.

Lots of trees are in bloom out Hayward way, and daffodils are blooming along side the freeway down towards Danville. Spring is definitely here.

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