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Domestic Chores
8:01 p.m. - 2008-02-19

Well, the sheet cake I made for the office party was a big hit. I tried my mom's frosting recipe using Smart Balance margarine, and that just does not work. I ended up with a big container full of soupy frosting, which turned out to be delicious on the cinnamon rolls, so there was no waste. The spouse says that only one cinnamon roll was left and all the cake was eaten up. The folks at spouse's office requested the cake recipe so I steered them to the Food Network site, and I gave them my mom's frosting recipe. After my failed attempt at frosting, I ended up using real butter for the frosting, which is, of course, delicious.

I think that next time I will make a bunch of muffins for the office, because everyone loves muffins, and they don't require frosting. Though Abby suggested some streusel, which would be great.

Today I did a big shopping trip to the Costco, then had to squeeze everything into the freezer and fridge, but I was successful. I needed to replenish a lot of the staples that got used up during the long budget constraint period.

Now it is time to go watch TV and do my weights. I did manage to get my morning walk in before it started raining, so I feel ahead of the game.

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