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Stitches 2008
9:15 a.m. - 2008-02-23

Yesterday we went to Stitches. I forgot my camera, but I remembered everything else. I brought the lunch which was chicken salad sandwiches, Sn@ckwell cookies (chocolate mint, amazingly good), fruit cups, juice cups, and chips. I bought a few patterns, but on the whole did not find anything to get excited about this year, since I don't go to buy yarn. Melissa bought some great sock yarn, and it was fun to watch her, especially that acid green yarn that was soooo beautiful. I was trying to still eat low cholesterol, so I made my chicken salad sandwich with that reduced fat Best Foods mayonnaise, which was surprisingly good, and I added pecans and dried cranberries and a splash of Tr@der Joes Cranberry, Walnut and Gorgonzola salad dressing (which is wonderful, by the way). I did eat too many sun chips though.

I find it annoying at big conventions like Stitches, that so many women have no concept of other people around them, and they will stand right in the middle of the isle blocking everybody while they chat or whatever, or they will whip around and knock you down because they didn't look to see if anyone was there. One lady just walked right through us, knocking me aside. After clobbering me, she just said 'excuse me' a little too late, and was offended by my answering 'Well, yeah!". I guess I was just absent on the day they were elected queens of the universe so I did not know I was supposed to flatten myself to the wall and avert my eyes from their glory as they passed.

It took us hours to do the Stitches market and my Melissa and I were tired, but we finally headed back to the car and drove to Kinokuniya. I got a magazine, and then we braved the Friday afternoon traffic to head home. After I dropped off the two Melissas, I decided that since I had not spent much money at all, I could afford something I have always wanted -a huge roll of butcher paper from the restaurant supply store for drafting/tracing patterns. I drove over there, across town, and lucky me, they were still open! I got my paper and can't wait to try it out. 1300 ft of lovely 36" wide butcher paper! I have always had to tape skinnier lengths of paper together before, but now I am set for years and years with all this paper.

Now I have to go do a little housework and draft a few patterns.

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