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12:35 p.m. - 2008-03-12

I have to go to yet another charity function this month, so the girls took me shopping this weekend for a more dressy outfit. I always meant to sew some dressy jackets, but somehow I was too busy to get around to it. Every time one of these functions comes up I have nothing to wear. Several years ago I bought a nice plum-colored lace blouse from Coldwater Creek (love that store) and have worn it to every function for three years, so it is time to retire it. The girls saved me from unfortunate purchases on many occasions on our outing, and I ended up with a nice black dress, a taupe lace top, and two fitted blouses. On Monday I went out by myself and bought the most beautiful jacket of all time (fuschia with embroidery and beads) from Chico's in Lafayette. I have now used up the budget the spouse authorized so will have to get sewing. It sure would be convenient to have a series of lovely jackets and tops to wear so I wouldn't have to agonize every single time I have to go somewhere.

We all went to see Miss Pettigrew, and I enjoyed it very much. The photography is sumptuous and the experience was like time traveling to the late 30's. It is very much a chick flick so I think the spouse was teetering on the brink of falling asleep, but the girls and I loved it. The girls and I also went to the Thai restaurant in town, and though they pronounced it not as great as the one where Abby lives, it was still delicious. Pork in Red Curry, my new favorite. Abby says we have replaced our late great Chinese restaurant with our love for Thai food.

I have been trying out my new pattern drafting software and have printed out a sloper. I just did not have any muslin or plain fabric to try out the pattern drafts, so, since I still have a little birthday money left, I went down to Joann's today and bought a bolt of fabric to use for this purpose. I have also started grading the Mexican Peasant blouse up to a larger size and quite enjoyed doing it. I am using the professional grading book I found at the book sale (by Jack Hanford). The butcher paper I bought works great for this.

Now I am going to go work on the pattern a little and watch The Last Detective, a British series I had never heard of but found at the library.

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