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10,000 Steps
6:37 p.m. - 2008-03-12

I bought a pedometer so that I could tell how long it is around the block so that I wouldn't accidentally exercise more than I have to. I had already counted my steps myself, and it seemed that I would have to go around the block twice to equal a mile. Today I set out to use the pedometer to see how it compared to my own count. I was shocked to see that the pedometer registered less than half the number of steps I had counted. I have worked my way up to 4000 steps a day, and now I suspected that I was really doing much less than the 2 miles a day I thought it was. So today I walked around much more to get the count up to 4000, and then, later in the day I looked closer at the pedometer only to discover that I had accidentally bumped the MODE button and wasn't looking at the number of steps but something else entirely. When I pushed the button until I got to the number of steps, I found that I had walked over 5 miles today. I am going to have to redo the around the block thing tomorrow.

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