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Easter Wrapup
4:52 p.m. - 2008-03-24

This Easter I made a salad, rolls, and macaroni salad. This was a lot less difficult to schlep over to the inlaw's than something hot. EG did make the lovely ham loaf in addition to sliced ham, so everyone was happy. Suz brought desserts and I think C & S brought a pie. I didn't eat dessert because of the cholesterol thing, but there was lemon cream pie, coconut cream pie, and apple pie. I did sneak a taste of Ab's pie though. The Eg's neighbor at the retirement community came over for dinner, and he is just an interesting, charming fellow who keeps active inspite of being in his eighties. He was telling me about how a shoulder injury (playing tennis!) restricts his sports to golf but that he really misses the tennis. I hope I am in such great shape when I am in my eighties.

Today I am staying home and working on a few things, like the ever-fascinating laundry, the knitting machine, and a little sewing. I am all cooked out for the time being so leftovers for dinner tonight.

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