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Almost April
5:05 p.m. - 2008-03-29

We had a little bit of rain this week but not enough to mar the loveliness of the weather. Today is sunny and springy, and the spouse came home from the office (it is tax season so he works on the weekends) to begin digging in the garden. I have been to the restaurant supply store to buy another big square tub, a bussing tub, to hold my potting soil. The spouse tells me that my old faithful tub that came with the soil cuber many years ago has finally cracked and split, so he threw it away. Tomorrow I am going to try to set up my cold frame and get started on my seeds.

I am very nearly done with the red cardigan, just sewing on the sleeves now. To help with the finishing, I got a lot of DVDs out of the library, but I only found two out of six or seven that were good. I watched Foyle's War, which I love, and a French movie called My Father's Glory which was charming and lovely. I have also finished knitting the back and one front of the green cardigan, and hope to knit more on that this next week.

In weight watching news, I have lost over 20 pounds so far. I have to go back in for my second cholesterol test in a few weeks, and I was very surprised that merely eating healthy caused me to drop so much weight. The spouse says that even my face looks much thinner. I am just hoping that my cholesterol numbers will be down enough to avoid a cholesterol lowering drug.

Next up in the sewing department is my first attempt at a Mexican Peasant dress. I have bought some inexpensive broadcloth for the first try to see if it fits. Also coming up this next month is to take the EG's for a drive in the country to see the flowers and perhaps have a picnic.

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