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Seed Starting
7:20 a.m. - 2008-04-12

The weather is going to be hot today. I have been taking it easy and knitting. I finished one sock for Melissa and have made a good start on the other one. Mostly, I have been counting the hours until tax time is over. This year has not been so bad, says he, so the mood of frantic busyness is not so bad this year. He is still putting in long, terrible hours, but the end is in sight.

As is usual, it was very cold up until last week and then the weather turned suddenly. I managed to get a start on the seeds, starting cucumbers, basil, onions, tomatoes, and beets. I will try to get more cubes made today having found the new seed flats at Ace Hardware. I guess the spouse had a big cleanout last fall because a lot of my seed starting stuff has disappeared due to age and decrepitude. Plastic does not live forever I guess. We set up the Starter House greenhouse thingy, and so far it is wonderful. It is one of those devices that curls up on itself for storage and pops into shape when you take it out of its case.

In sewing news, I need to get some summer tops cut out and hope to get started on that today. I am also going to have to start fixing up new patterns for myself since I am no longer the size I used to be. I did get the results back on my latest cholesterol tests, and I managed to lower my count over 50 points in just 10 weeks. I still have to work on it, but at least I know now that the effort is worth it. I have lost well over 20 pounds and caused my blood pressure to go down, so the doctor took me off one of my medications. My goal is to get off both meds eventually. I am getting more experience with eating out and staying in the low-cholesterol groove. For example, we went to Hubcaps last night because the spouse had to work late again and I drove in to meet him at the office. I ordered a sausage sandwich which contained those apple-chicken low fat sausages and it was very delicious. I think it makes a big difference when they grill the bun. I can only hope they did not slather the bun with butter before grilling, but the entree is supposed to be from the healthy menu so probably not. The spouse and ordered a cob salad which came with avocado slices, which he hates, so I got those to stick in my sandwich.

The house across the street is undergoing renovations. Yesterday great mounds of sod were delivered, but unfortunately the delivery people put the huge pallets of sod right in the street at several locations around the edge of the sidewalk along a corner. I was afraid that someone would drive into it in the dark, but I heard no skidding or big thump during the night. I just looked out and the crew is now working on the lawn-to-be. This is good because it is going to get up to 90 today and the sod would fry in the sun if they did not get it set today and watered. It is going to be a very nice house when they are done. The other day one of the workmen came over and told me that the water in the house was off, so could they use our water? I said yes, and he came over to fill a big bucket every once in awhile for their plastering job. I hope the water is back on now to water the new lawn, since no one could carry that much water.

The spouse wishes to do away with the raised bed boxes we have in the backyard and plow the whole area up. He wants to expand the veggie production because of the high cost of food now. Milk here is edging up to $5 a gallon and lettuce is often $2.50 apiece. Natural gas is also very high now so we have started hanging out most of the clothes to save on the dryer cost. The older we get, the more we regress to an earlier time lifestyle. It is a strange world.

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