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May Day
6:32 p.m. - 2008-05-02

Springtime duties have kept me busy the last few weeks, but I managed to get most of the plants started and in the Starter House greenhouse thingy. I am liking it very much and all the plants seem to be doing very well (except for the ones that died,ha ha). The spouse is concerned about the very high cost of food so is digging up half the yard to put in veggies. In some stores, milk is more expensive than gasoline. We will be growing tomatoes, cucumbers, assorted squashes, summer and winter varieties, basil, carrots, beets, onions, herbs, flowers, kohlrabi, and whatever else I think of.

I have been sewing again after months of knitting, and I am making some PJ's for Abby. There are pajama pants, shorts and a knit top. I had to special order elastic from Joann's that is latex free, but the order only took about two or three weeks to arrive. I was going to start a yellow Mexican peasant blouse for Melissa, but somehow the yellow fabric has evaporated itself into the confusion of the sewing room. I am sure it will turn up sooner or later. I am also knitting hats for the rescue mission and socks for Abby. The apple green cardigan is waiting patiently in the girls' room for me to sew it together.

This month is the EG's 63rd anniversary, quite an accomplishment, and we are making arrangements to take them out to dinner with Suz & Tom. Grandpa's knee is hurting him this week so they accepted the invitation provisionally, but we all hope he is able to take part in the celebration.

A pair of doves set up housekeeping on top of a pair of old closet doors outside near the garage window, and we watched the babies arrive and get bigger. Yesterday I went out there and they were gone, so I looked around the yard and spotted the parents teaching the babies to fly. They are still around the yard because I catch sight of the adult birds from time to time and hear the children cheeping from the trees.

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