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Digging and Dining
7:59 a.m. - 2008-05-09

Yesterday was amazingly productive. I got up early and cut out some flannel pajama pants for Abby along with a sleeveless T-shirt top to go with them, then I suited up and went out to work in the garden. I have orders from the doctor to always stay out of the sunlight, so I wear a hat, allergy mask, and big shirt, and I could not increase the dorkiness if I tried. I got together all the old seed packets of carrots, beets, lettuces, etc., mixed them all together, and threw them out into the garden along with some new carrot seeds. We will see what sprouts. I also planted a section of beans. So far I have set out the cuks, summer squashes, and winter squashes, set out the green onions, beets, and thyme, and stuck a few flower plants here and there. The spouse still has to dig up the central garden big bed and the back forty, but since my other plants are still very small, he has time to recover from his last bout of digging.

After the garden work, I came in and put in a DVD and started sewing. I managed to finish the pajama pants and top in one day. I have enough fabric left for another pair of pajama pants but I have to ask Ab if she wants a top or pants out of that fabric.

Tuesday night we went to the barbecue restaurant with the EG's to celebrate their 63rd anniversary. While we were waiting for the food to arrive, Susie and spouse asked them to relate their story of 'How We Met' and how they got engaged. This was a great story with chance encounters and wartime adventures, and they told it in much more detail than I have ever heard before. When I got home, I wrote it down to send to the girls and C&S. The EG's have some great stories. While at the restaurant, I was taking pictures, and I took a few of Susie that were unflattering. I showed her, then erased them from the camera. I told her how Melissa manages to pose just right to take a good picture using a method she read about somewhere which involves putting your head to the side slightly with chin slightly down and looking up at the camera. Suz decided to try it and I took a terrific picture of her the first try. I later sent a bunch of anniversary pictures to C&S who were unable to be there.

In family news, nephew G is finally, finally going to graduate from college completely. He will be getting a PhD and then off to his first job as a professor in a midwest university. The EG's say that G&R have bought a house in or near the university town, but haven't heard anymore about that. Other nephew, JTFM, is finally, finally getting married and the date is set. They will be getting married in late July and then moving to a midwest state to manage a hotel business, and will end up barely 200 miles from G. I am not sure about the particulars of the wedding, but since JTFM works in a hotel, he has arranged very very cheap family rate rooms for us all for the wedding. I haven't been to a wedding since G got married, or was that Dennis Mc's daughter's wedding? I had better go buy some towels, since I always get towels for a wedding gift because they do not break when you mail them or accidentally drop the package.

We suddenly have many many birds in the yard at dinnertime including some cute little yellow types who munch on the lavender flowers. We are keeping the binoculars on the kitchen table to check out the visitors, and I have started filling the birdbath.

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