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102 in the Shade
3:13 p.m. - 2008-05-17

Let's see now, what is happening around here? It is hot, over 100 degrees hot, and we are staying cool. The AC is on, and the shades are in the windows. Suddenly Summer. The garden is loving it though, and the cucumbers are growing madly, and the beans are sprouting. I read somewhere that about 40 percent of people with backyards are growing gardens this year because of the high cost of food. That's our reason.

I am busy embroidering the first Mexican blouse. Also knitting a hat for the mission, and not knitting the sock. There was a pattern sale at Joann's this week, and I got a lot of really cute summer top patterns. I also noticed, this morning when we were off to Lowe's to get some supplies, that the Home Fabrics store is closing in Pittsburg. There was a sale, and of course I had to go back there after the spouse was busy working in the backyard. I bought some fabric for tablecloths and two lengths for tops, getting about 70% off, all told. One of the tablecloth fabrics looks like a sarape, and one has an attractive shamrock design which will be good for St. Patrick's Day dinner. Another looks like the bedspread material my mom made up for our beds in the long ago days of my childhood, so I got it for nostalgic reasons -it is a hot pink, orange, and other colors plaid.

Time to get back to my embroidery. I need to finish this top so Melissa can try it on, I need to cut out Ab's pajama tops, and need to make Melissa a Mexican blouse for real.

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