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Holiday Weekend and Summer Plans
7:52 a.m. - 2008-05-27

This holiday weekend mostly involved digging, thankfully not by me. The spouse dug up the center bed which is much easier since the late lamented pine tree is no longer sending big roots into it. Now he only has to dig up the back forty for the tomatoes and peppers and we are done with the garden prep. Yesterday I planted out the basil using up one whole side of the new patch. I have about 89 basil plants for, hopefully, lots of pesto to put up for the winter.

I spent most of yesterday morning working with the Elna computer sewing machine, trying to get in lots of embroidery on the Mexican blouse. I managed to finish up and am now doing the handwork. This blouse has designs on the yoke, back yoke, and front bodice, so there is a lot more to do. I was looking online for pictures of peasant dresses and found one with 3/4 sleeves which I liked very much. I looked through my patterns and found a nightgown pattern that has the same basic shape. This got me to thinking that a peasant dress is basically a nightgown for daywear, so what could be better than that?

I have been eating healthy now for almost 6 months and am about 30 pounds down from my highest weight. We went out to dinner at the Diner on Friday, and I had my most sinful meal all year. They make a Philly cheese sandwich with chicken that is delicious, and wouldn't be too unhealthy if you didn't eat the grease-soaked grilled bun, which I couldn't resist. And I also ordered onion rings, the first decadent fried thing all year, and I ate the whipped cream off the top of the spouse's milkshake. I figure that one unhealthy meal is not going to do you in, and besides, it was incredibly good.

The spouse says that he may go back to Vegas this year for a business seminar, so if so, I would get to go too. Vegas is a great shopping town with lots of thrift stores and a good yarn shop, and also, Freed's Bakery. I usually shop around in the morning and then come back to the hotel for general lazing around and watching TV during the heat of the day. Also coming up this year is the nephew's wedding, and the family get-together when the niece comes down for a visit.

Today I have a stack of DVD's to watch before returning them to the library, all the while embroidering on the blouse.

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