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Another Busy Weekend
4:12 p.m. - 2008-06-01

We have been embroidering (me), going to the office (him), and working in the yard (both of us). He dug up the back 40, being agreeably surprised at how easy the dirt was to dig up. When he was done, I planted flowers in the small flower bed in the front, and set out the rest of the tomato plants (about 10), some eggplants, and lots of peppers. I think the peppers were a mild jalapeno for salsa, but I will see what, if anything, develops. Which causes me to remember that way back when in about the 5th grade, I missed the word 'develops' on a spelling test because I was convinced it had an 'e' before the 's'. To this day the word looks stupid to me, it definitely needs an 'e' as does develop. I have to look it up everytime I write it. Anyhoo, last night we pulled up the first radishes and ate them at dinner. Today I pulled up so many, even the long white ones are ready, that I took a lot over to Jason. Jason looked cheerful and doing well, expecting a visit momentarily from Tim and Mini-Tim. Jason enjoys Mini-Tim, who tears around the place wreaking havoc. Must be entertaining.

I continue to embroider the Mexican blouse, but I only have two butterflies and three flowers to go. After that comes the crochet border and the assembly. The cottons were on sale at Joann's today so I bought more blouse lengths. By the time I am done with these tops I should be able to embroider a whole lot better, but who am I kidding, by the time I can really embroider well I will be so burned out on it that I will probably wait many years before I try it again. Such is the way my mind works.

In book news, I am re-reading Miriam's Kitchen, a book I love. I first bought this book up north at Powell's books in Portland, but I finished it and gave it to January. I found it recently at the library and am enjoying it again. It even has some recipes. I am listening (while I embroider) to a book on tape called Mistress of the Art of Death, sort of a female Quincy in the middle ages. Strange, but good so far.

Now I am off to make Sunday dinner which will be goodies from the garden and farmer's market served with tuna cakes (made like crab cakes but cheaper). And since I put so many parentheses in this entry, I will end with one (had to look up how to spell parentheses).

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