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Rubber Stamps
6:15 a.m. - 2008-06-20

Yesterday was really fun. My sister Melissa came down for a short visit, and we drove down to San Jose to deliver something to my niece who goes to school there. From there we drove to January's house to look over her really large and impressive stash of rubber stamps and craft equipment. I got a whole xerox box full of stamps and gadgets and a great storage container for my Melissa. January treated us to a splendid brunch which was made even more splendid when our offer to help clean up was graciously turned down (she didn't want us to accidentally de-kosherize her kitchen which has been known to happen in the past). We left fairly early because J had an appointment with her inlaws, so I talked M into stopping at the Japanese store on the way home. I found two wonderful crochet magazines and an embroidery magazine with an interesting counted thread technique I am trying to figure out.

It was hot even on the peninsula which is unusual. It is supposed to be in the 90's today even in Oakland which is near the bay. I remember back in my college days that when it was in the 90's in San Francisco you really suffered because nobody had air conditioning, even in the department stores, since hot weather is so unusual there. I remember being in the City of Paris upstairs and being almost stifled with the heat one summer day. The City of Paris is no more, of course; I think it is a Nordstoms now.

Anyhow, due to all the gallivanting around here and there, no knitting or embroidery was done yesterday. Melissa dropped me and my stamps off at home and went back to Jason's house, both of us totally forgetting that I had left my car at Jason's. Luckily, my Melissa was going to drop by my house after work so she drove me back across town to get my car.

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