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Heat and Smoke
10:54 p.m. - 2008-07-09

So far this has not been a stellar year. Now we are suffering through another *blankety blank* heat wave, and I try all kinds of things to keep the temp under ninety degrees IN THE HOUSE but there is not much one can do when it is 114 degrees on the patio. The AC fights a good fight but loses. This is complicated by the still-present horrible smoke in the air. It improved for a few days, but now Big Sur is burning up and another big fire is raging up north.

I had to go to the dentist this morning and while trapped in the chair, I wondered why I also seem to be waiting for something horrible to be over. The dental tech certainly believes in doing a very thorough job. Blechh.

On a more cheerful note, there is a booksale coming up next week. We are going to get lots of books for my BIL who is ill and will have to spend several months recuperating from surgery. He says he likes SciFi and Fantasy and mysteries, which I did not know. Somehow I just assumed he liked the same politcal thrillers that the spouse favors, but no, he has literary taste like mine. He says he prefers paperbacks, so we are going to the bag sale to stuff a shopping bag full of paperbacks for a few dollars. Melissa Jr. says she also has some SciFi she can donate to the cause.

It is after 11:00 at night and still near 85 degrees outside. Oh fog, where are you?

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