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Books and Boxes
7:58 a.m. - 2008-07-22

We are thinking of changing things around a little in the house. We are clearing out the bedrooms for the window replacement, and it looks so much better without my sewing machine in the master bedroom that the spouse has agreed to let me move it into the spare room permanently. As he points out, I would be sewing right in front of a window so would have better light and scenery. I was just starting to get my sewing mojo back and now can't sew until the construction is done.

I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen putting stuff up for the winter. Let's see now, I have made applesauce, pickle relish, red plum jam, strawberry jam, frozen squash, frozen packs of plums for jam, and am now making more pesto than I have ever seen before. I am trying to keep better track of what is in the freezer, so I went online and found some freezer organization sheets. I printed them off and pasted them in my notebook, and am trying to write down the stuff and the dates as I finish them and put them in the freezer. So far I have almost 3 dozen containers of pesto. I am going to have to go back to the Costco and get some more parmesan cheese since I have used up most of the cheese I already had for the pesto.

Today I have to pack up the many books I got for my BIL at the booksale and take them over to Jason's house. It turned out to be way too expensive to try and mail them all. I mailed one box to tide him over, and then I contacted my niece. She is doing nursing training in the south bay, so she drives by here often on the way to visit her folks. She says she can pick up the books tomorrow so I am all set. It was fun buying lots and lots of books at the bag sale and knowing they would not stay in the house but would wing their way northward.

Now I have to go do the very exciting ironing of spouse's shirts. At least, a Dick Francis book-on-tape makes it more interesting.

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