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Adventures in Shopping
7:50 a.m. - 2008-07-23

I needed to run errands yesterday morning, so I left the clothes shopping for the upcoming wedding until last because I hate it. I have already been to the mall and to the expensive store in Nut Creek, and did not look forward to going back there. On the way home from the errands, I remembered the small department store in the north part of town which has only two branches that I know of. I used to shop there a lot when they had a fabric department, but they phased that out and I phased out going there. They also changed the design of the store from the classy look it used to have to a more-crammed-together-dime-store look. I stopped there for a lookaround, and was I surprised! The stuff may look less artistically arranged, but the selection and price are very good indeed. I ended up buying my first pair of non-Mom pants in decades, Levis 550 bootcuts three sizes smaller than I used to wear. There was a pretty young clerk there who was advising me. I came out in some larger size and asked her about real jeans - do they shrink up in the wash the way they used to in the olden days or what??? She told me to go smaller so I did. It is funny to squeeze into the pants, zip them up, and presto, they are comfortable and you can actually sit down. So that was great. I also got several other smaller pairs of slacks and some capris. Now I can go forth and look cool. Or anyway, better than I did.

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