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Up In Smoke
11:40 p.m. - 2008-07-28

We left town last Thursday to drive up to a family wedding in Redding. We were driving my MIL without my FIL, since he wisely decided to wait and drive up on Saturday with C & S. I was doing most of the driving after we finally emerged from a huge backup from Fairfield to Vacaville, having taken over an hour to go six miles. We drive for hours and hours, me being entertained by 'time traveling' with EG. This starts when I ask her a question about the past and leads to long conversations about her life in the midwest. This time she was telling me all about her house in Wisconsin during the depression and how her mother had a big garden and put up all the produce with endless weeks of canning.

We got to Redding finally and found it mired in horrible smoke, even worse than the conditions at home. There was ash on the car in the morning. It was hot, hot, hot (cough, cough). We were dreading the wedding itself, scheduled to be held outside beside a river amidst the heat, smoke and mosquitos. You can tell that the weather was making me pessimistic. The wedding actually turned out to be pleasant and beautiful, the smoke having lessened a lot overnight, the temperature dropped a bit, and the location was gorgeous.

We drove back with both inlaws, and the trip took even longer because we had to stop several times to let Grandpa walk around, and to make a lunch stop. We left at 9:30 and got home at 3:30. Six hours, holy cow, could have driven to LA in that time. We were so exhausted.

This morning after the spouse left for work, I went out to pick some green beans and almost put my hand on a large dead squirrel in my garden. What on earth happened to the squirrel?? We think maybe it fell out of the tree and crashed onto the stepping stone in the garden, or maybe the neighbor threw it over the fence, his 'friendly' dogs having killed it. Or maybe the new people renovating the house in the back put out poison. Your guess is as good as mine. Blechh.

All my books and sewing and knitting stuff are packed up in preparation for the construction work. There is nothing to do but watch TV and listen to books on tape.

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