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Safe Overhead
2:54 p.m. - 2008-08-05

When the window guy was talking to us about the work to be done, we were standing on the patio, which is sections of cement and brick with a redwood trellis/cover overhead. He told us that he was appalled by the state of the patio cover and that it was dangerous and would fall on us and kill us all. This was not encouraging.

He said that he could fix it up for us (he is a contractor in addition to a window guy). Yesterday they fixed it up in under two hours, and now, when you shake one of the suppport posts, nothing happens. I am not sure how they did it, but there are new support beams and cross braces. Also, it no longer sags in the middle. The window guy needs my husband to do his taxes for him and to save him from any trouble with the dreaded IRS, so he does not want the spouse to expire in a patio-cover collapse.

Today I made more pesto. This time I made a sundried-tomato pesto with lots and lots of basil thrown in. I have lots of plastic cups with snap-on tops to store things in for the freezer (Solo Souffles P325, 3 1/4 oz). This investment purchase at the restaurant supply store really paid off in convenience. The package of cups has 250 so should last me for years. I can't remember how much it was for a package of the cups, probably about $7, and the lids were much less (they are in a separate package). The tomato pesto is very strongly flavored and tastes great when dabbed on a pizza.

To occupy myself while the window guy is toiling outside, I have been watching the DVDs of Big Love. I am really liking this series. Some reviews have said that it encourages polygamy and makes it look appealing, but I wonder what the heck show they are watching since I get the opposite reaction. The show clearly shows the stress and complications of living this lifestyle and shows the psychological harm it does to just about everyone involved. Great show.

Also, Burn Notice is back, yay!

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