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Into The Fog
7:24 a.m. - 2008-08-14

We apparently had two days of very hot weather with a few more to follow, but lucky us, we weren't here. The spouse had yet another business trip down to Monterey so I got to tag along. I dropped him off at the office in Carmel Valley, then I drove around to Pacific Grove and Carmel. They were having a big Concourse D'Elegance thingy in Carmel right on the main street, Ocean Avenue, which was blocked off to traffic. Because Carmel needs to make it even harder to drive around that town. Every parking spot for miles around was taken, but I was having a miracle luck parking day, so I managed to find one right down the street from the yarn shop. This shop, Knitting-by-The-Sea, is my favorite stop in the area. I got myself some new sock yarn for the girls, Tofutsies and Sockotta. I also visited a sewing store in Pacific Grove and found some Kwik Sew patterns which aren't carried in the stores in my hometown. Then I had to drive back to pick up the spouse and take him to the next office to drop him off.

Before picking up the spouse, I visited a grocery store to get him a treat and bought some Skinny Cow ice cream bars. I had wanted to try these but was skeptical that a low-fat ice cream bar could taste good. I was wrong, they are terrific. The spouse downed three of them in no time flat. I may have eaten three myself. I took the spouse to the next office, then shopped around some more. At the end of the day I managed to find yet another parking space in congested Carmel, and sat there reading a book while I waited for 5:00. A poor deluded driver, seeing me enter my car after walking around a bit, thought I was going to drive away and sat blocking the street for a good 5 minutes waiting for me to pull out. I had put up the sunshade and sat there reading a book, which you would think would give him a clue, but no. Eventually, a cop came along and made him drive on.

That night the spouse had yet another event to attend to give a presentation, so I stayed in the motel watching the Ice Age sequel and eating Milk Duds.

The next day we drove home with a stop at the outlets in Gilroy, then I dropped the spouse off at his office because he had to go to yet another event. I came on home to a very hot, closed-up house on a 100 degree day. It seemed even hotter after the very cool foggy conditions at the coast. For example, coming home it was about 65 degrees in Watsonville and about 100 in Gilroy, quite a difference and only about 20 miles apart.

Today I have to do a truckload of laundry and perhaps some knitting.

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