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Staying Home
8:37 a.m. - 2008-08-25

We have been on the go a lot lately, first to the wedding (still trying to recover from the smoke), then to Carmel for business, then last week to Las Vegas for the tax convention. As usual, it was very hot. Every time we go to Vegas, the town looks completely different. Back in the day, we stayed there in the castle two times, I think. At the time, the town was trying to be family friendly, but that is, of course, long gone, and now it is all 'sin city all the time'. There don't seem to be those inexpensive Vegas buffets anymore either. We got some Cherrios and skim milk and fruit and had breakfast in the room everyday to save time and money. I also got some ham, tortillas, avocados and salsa to eat for lunches. The spouse was having a difficult time finding time to get lunch because 4000 people getting out for lunch at the same time leads to long lines. He would come up to the room and have lunch instead. I love it that there are refrigerators in all the rooms now. No microwave though, since the hotel is in it to make money.

While he was learning more about taxes, I went shopping every morning. I hit the two yarn shops in town, a bead store, and antique and thrift stores. I came back to the hotel around lunchtime to rest and read my books. After the convention was over for the day, we would go out to find dinner. One day we ate at the Four Kegs, always good (veggie stomboli), once at a BBQ place, and the last night at Rosemary's Restaurant, easily the most expensive restaurant we have ever eaten at in our lives. So so good. The restaurant was packed because it was Ladies' Night, but the nice host seated us in the bar area at a high table. I liked the high seat and enjoyed watching the people, it being Vegas and all. This restaurant has mostly locals for customers instead of tourists. I had a crayfish patty appetizer that was just wonderful, a grilled eggplant, mozzarella, and heirloom tomato salad, and the entree, filet mignon. We ate everything and cleaned our plates, and the chef sent out another free appetizer at the start, and a dessert plate at the end. The sauces especially were so delicious.

Here is the gambling report: amount I gambled = $0, amount he gambled = $4. Amount we won = nothing.

We got home on Friday and rested and did laundry, then had the family birthday party on Saturday night. Sunday was Abby's birthday, so we had lunch of steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, salad, garlic bread, and chocolate cake frosted with tons of whipped cream. We had invited the EG's, who really enjoyed the food. My meat mojo was strong that day, and none of the steaks were overdone. Presents for the Abster included two Thai cookbooks, a cool cake pan that produces a stuffed cake, and a kit to make twinkie-type cakelets, plus the usual birthday money.

Today will involve more laundry and some sewing, if I can get an apron cut out.

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