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Labor Day Weekend
2:19 p.m. - 2008-08-30

Today the spouse is toiling in the bedroom getting ready for the painting. I am finishing up the second Trekking sock and thinking about what new yarn to use for the next pair. We had quite a productive morning, buying the paint for the bedroom. We stopped at the furniture store on the way home and found a bedside table for me in the mission style to take the place of the wooden box I have been using for years. I love the new table. Then I mentioned that I wanted to stop at Joann's to check out the cutting table that they have on sale today, and the spouse totally bought it for me. It folds up to only 13 inches wide and is white so will match the decor in the bedroom when we are done painting. It will be folded up in the corner, but it will match. It will be really great not to have to stand up bent over the bed to cut out garments. The saleslady says the height of this new table is just excellent.

Yesterday I went off to the doctor for some cholesterol tests (down another 10 points! That makes 60 in all and means that I totally got away with the fancy dinner I had in Vegas), then went out to lunch with Melissa at Sweet Tomatoes. We discussed the Republican VP pick and how we both like Vin Diesel (we have eclectic interests). We were going to see the new Vin movie after lunch, Babylon A.D. The movie was very good up until the end, then wrapped things up so fast that you were left wondering what the heck the whole thing was about.

Melissa and I have a strange esp thing going this week. She called to tell me about a DVD she had never heard of before, North and South, that had come to her from netflix. We discovered that I, strangely enough, had also never heard of it but had found it on the library shelf the same day she got hers and had checked it out. We had both watched it on the same day. It was a very good miniseries from the BBC about differences between northern England and southern England during the mid-1800's.

I am still making pesto and freezing it, but the rest of the garden is starting to get that end-of-summer-dried-up look. It has been too hot to go out there and tend to it, so I will just ignore it until the temp goes down a bit.

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