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Another Hot Weekend
8:03 a.m. - 2008-09-08

We are having temps over 100 this week which should roast the poor little kiddies in the unairconditioned schools. I have been unpacking the books that were sent away to the storage unit while the late great construction was going on. As I unpack, I am trying to get rid of the things I will never use, and I am actually finding a few things I don't want anymore. Sometimes I find things I forgot I had, like a really cute pattern for a cabled cardigan I must have purchased at Stitches some year. I have emptied about 10 boxes so far, but I suspect that there are about 30 more to go.

This weekend Melissa and I went to another library booksale and then went on to IKEA. The spouse was being the wonderful son that he is and was taking his mom around to various stores to find some new patio furniture. He says they were successful and managed to buy some that Grandpa liked when they got the stuff home. At the booksale, Melissa got a grocery bag full of books, and I found some good sewing books and a great old knitting pamphlet from 1940. I also got a cookbook on German pastry which can only be a life enhancer, and I also found two library copies of some Georgette Heyer books.

After that, we drove to IKEA in Emeryville. The first thing we did, of course, was have a meatball lunch. I did find the Aneboda chest I was looking for, in white, to house all of my 'working' patterns in the now redecorated girls' room, soon to be the sewing and guest room. We then hit two yarn shops in Berkeley and stopped in at Lacis. That store would take hours to go through since it has tons of books and publications and everything fiber related, but it was a very hot day and that store seemed to have no AC at all. I found one book I loved, a Japanese volume on embroidery stitches, but the price was $130. I was sure this was a misprint and asked about it. The salesgirl was also surprised at the price and called the owner about it, but no, the price was correct so I had to pass it up. The store even has vintage patterns at cheap prices. I ended up getting a booklet on crocheted edgings from Spain.

Grandpa's birthday is coming up soon, and EG has requested a dinner at their favorite restaurant. So that is in the cards for later this month.

Now I am trying to decide on a new sweater project. Melissa wants a sweater based on the Bonsai Tunic, so I will have to work out that pattern. I need to start an new cardigan for me, too. I have a lovely warm brown/tan yarn that would be very useful and would show cables very nicely.

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