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Working Weekend
8:19 a.m. - 2008-10-06

Spent most of this weekend working in the lame manner that life usually dictates. I vacuumed, washed dishes and clothes, made beds, cleaned rooms, cooked food, and generally kept the wheels of ordinary life turning. Saturday night was Joel's birthday dinner. Evan came over to Jason's and grilled the steaks, The Great Jasoni made the mashed potatoes which Abby seasoned, and Joel and I made the salad. Right before anyone arrived, I noticed that all the birthday meat Jason bought had leaked meat juices (hello salmonella) all over his fridge, into the veggie drawers etc (luckily the drawers were mostly empty). That meant that January and I had to take the fridge apart and scrub everything out, but I must say that it gleamed with the light of righteous cleanliness after we were done. Joel had ice cream and toppings for dessert, and I confess to several helpings of delicious cholesterol.

Saturday afternoon we all went to see the movie, American Carol. It was absolutely hilarious, and we nearly fell off of our chairs laughing. My favorite part of the movie was the ACLU as zombies. Very good movie.

Abby was staying over the weekend and had brought back the strawberry pajama tops for further revision. I discovered that flannel doesn't like to be deconstructed and expresses that dislike by falling apart when the stitches are pulled out. I did a simple alteration of the width by taking in bigger seams, and since it looked pretty good after that, we decided that was good enough. Other than that, I knitted on the endless February Lady Sweater and practiced machine embroidery. Oh, and I finished two more hats for the rescue mission.

The EG's have arrived home safely from their trip to the South. They were on some tour or other, and we will hear all about it later, I am sure. The spouse drove them to the airport last week but they took the shuttle home.

Amazing Race has started up again. My favorites are the two genial computer nerds.

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