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Another Decade Older, Almost
2:27 p.m. - 2008-10-10

Another year older. This year the spouse wanted to go out to dinner, but I wasn't feeling the urge for the usual prime rib ritzy restaurant dinner. I felt like breakfast and hashbrowns. We rounded up Melissa and went to a local diner chain (you drive by one every time you use Map Quest). Melissa had nachos which looked awesome, but I had a breakfast with french toast. Why is it that french toast made at home is never as good as those buttery fat slices you get in a restaurant?

This week has been spent doing laundry, nothing new there, and cooking different things. New things I have tried: Oatmeal Cake, made with leftover oatmeal from breakfast (totally excellent and scrumptious), chicken fettucini (yuk, threw out the rest), and Red Curry Chicken (well, am I surprised, I made some really good Thai food!). I have also made 4 new hats for the mission and worked on the FL Sweater. I will be so glad when I finish the endless knitting on the body of the FLS and get to the sleeves. I have also fixed up the pattern for a blue Mexican top for Melissa and designed the embroidery pattern to be done free motion on the old Elna with variegated blue thread.

My birthday dinner at Jason's is coming up soon, so The Great and Powerful J has been nagging me to choose my menu. So here it is: hamburger gravy over Abby mashed potatoes, sauteed corn ala Abby, green salad, and ice cream and toppings for dessert. With whipped cream and some homemade butterscotch topping. Auntie M was planning to come down for my birthday dinner, so we are hoping to hear all the news about Dave and his recovery.

Now for some movie reviews. I have watched the Jane Austen Book Club which, all in all, was a pretty good movie. The only ooky part was the teacher about to have an affair with a student, but while that would be bearable as a plot device if she taught at college level, she was a high school teacher which makes it disgusting, abusive, and illegal. So I fast forwarded past her scenes. On the plus side, Jimmy Smits is in the movie, and he unfortunately plays a jerk, but you still get to look at him.
Apocalypto gets the thumbs up from me, though it definitely doesn't make you admire the Mayan culture, what with the rolling heads and heart-ectomies et al. The hero was muy cute though. And do I really need to give a review for wonderful Shaun of the Dead??!! Simon Pegg, my new favorite actor.

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