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Pig Tales
5:59 p.m. - 2008-10-22

The other day I decided to try cooking something new, so I got out a pork tenderloin and cut it into sections, pounded the sections out and fried up some pork cutlets. I saw these once on the Food Network, and thought they would be good. They are. I used the newish pounder I have that has a removable bottom part the reverses to spiky from the smooth side. There is a clear plastic gasket thingy between the bottom part and the handle. We all thought the cutlets were good, and it really stretched the number of meals you can get out of one tenderloin. I took the pounder apart and washed it carefully, and put it aside on the counter to dry off, then forgot about it.

The next morning, just as I was waking up, I remembered the pounder and had a moment of panic - did the spouse lose the gasket thingy when he was doing the dishes? I got up and sure enough, the gasket thingy was nowhere to be seen. I found the handle and bottom part, then thought about what the spouse would have done. I looked over in the trash bin, and lucky me, there the gasket was, just starting to slip down into the depths of the trash. I rescued it and washed it up. Now the pounder is back in one piece and safe from the spouse.

I found some of the Indian gauze fabric I had intended to make into tops for the girls some years ago, so I cut out a Mexican Peasant blouse for Melissa and sewed it up. It really turned out very well. I have stepped up the rate at which fabric is leaving the house, and that can only be good. I want to start another top and do some more embroidery because I got a package of some new tear-away stabilizer I want to try out.

Still knitting on the never-ending February Lady Sweater, though I am on the sleeves now. I thought the sleeves would go faster but they are just plodding along just like the body.
I need to turn the heel on the Monkey sock - it is causing me to stall on my sock making.

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