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November Begins
8:36 a.m. - 2008-11-01

So I am reading that murder mystery based on sudoko puzzles, and the text includes some puzzles and explanations on how to solve them. I tried a few, and I discovered that they require way too much hassle to be entertaining for me. Gives me the same feeling as the complicated higher math problems in college, the ones I couldn't wait to be finished with for the rest of my life. From this I deduce that sudoku is not for me.

In sewing news, I had an idea for a new top that I tried out right away, and it is turning out really well. I want it to be a surprise for Melissa so won't describe it. I also looked through the patterns to find a top that Abby had written her initials on to indicate her approval that could be adapted to include embroidery. She wants to have something decorated by me, but does not like the unfitted peasant tops very much. I found a nice fitted blouse pattern, New Look 6647, that has a front curved 'bib' inset that would be great for embroidery. So that is what I will try next. And I have to get started on the zippered bag for Melissa's Disneyland trip. I was pointing out to the spouse that my rate of 'yardage out' this month is very high. He is all for yardage leaving the house at a faster rate.

I finished one of the sleeves on the February Lady Sweater, and on to the next one. I took some of the yarn and split it and crocheted three little disks to sew in behind the buttons. I am hoping that in that way I can help with the button droop that occurs when big buttons are sewn onto knitwear.

A storm is passing through this week, but it slacked off enough for the Halloween kids to make the trick-or-treat rounds. The spouse always buys tons of candy, so I am going to have to freeze up the leftovers and use it for cookie making in the future.

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