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Friday Plans
9:18 a.m. - 2008-11-14

Today the laundry calls, nothing new there. I also need to clean out the filters in the vacuum cleaner and the dryer vent, make some cookies, think of something to cook for dinner, cut out Melissa's new bag, and find a decent book-on-tape to listen to. This list is sort of intimidating, so I'd better go get started on it so that it can be in my past and not in my future.

UPDATE: I treat housework like a job. I work in the mornings up until noon, then the afternoons are my own, except for making dinner and the endless laundry. I am well down my list for today having cleaned the dryer vent and the vacuum filter and emptied out the vacuum dust container. I have run and hung two loads of laundry, made the bed, vacuumed about half the house, packed up the husband's office papers that were all over the livingroom floor, emptied two big containers from the storage unit (still recovering from the late great construction), contemplated making cookies, and now I am tired. I think I will go watch The Replacement Killers and knit a bit.

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