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A Saturday Alone
10:37 p.m. - 2008-11-15

This is the weekend of some sort of tax deadline so the spouse was driving hither and yon to deliver completed tax forms to some of his clients. This meant that I had Saturday all to myself. First I ran a load of laundry and hung it up, then started another load, hopped into the car, and drove out to the booksale in Lafayette. Got there just as it started but the pickings were not that great, mostly because I already own most of the cookbook titles available. My local library was also having a booksale so I gave up on the Lafayette sale and drove home only to find that my local library has the lamest booksales ever. Why is that, I wonder? All I know is the other sales have tons of books and the local sale can barely find enough books for 5 very sparse table tops.

After that I came home again, went for a walk, and hung more laundry. I cut out the bag for Melissa while listening to a book-on-tape, baked a cake, crocheted a little, and knit a little on the FLS sleeve. Abby called and told me that EG had called her with her marching orders for Thanksgiving, the sweet potatoes. I have heard nothing about what I am supposed to bring. In fact, I'm not even sure of the date of the approaching holiday or where it is being held. My dad is having the Thanksgiving for my side of the family on a different day, and assuming that we will all be tired of turkey, he is having something deliciously beefy.

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