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12:46 p.m. - 2008-11-21

Last night I looked out the back and saw that the back garage door was opened and the light was on. I went and asked the spouse if he had been out there, and yes, he had. I had to run out in the dark and close everything up. Today I was getting out of the car and the neighbor guy came over to tell me that he had been broken into last night during the few minutes he had run to the store (about the time Survivor was starting). They took his big screen TV and walked around the corner with it to load it into their dusty red pickup. Some neighbors in the next street saw them and called the police but they got away. Neighbor B got home about 10 minutes after the breakin. They must have been watching his house and have had it all cased. When Mrs. B lived there, she was robbed once too, but they must be scared off by our house because we are always here and I always keep things locked up. About the time Mrs. B was robbed, I went out to find the back garage door opened, but nothing was moved or taken. They must have looked at the incredibly packed garage (that was a polite description) and given up hope of finding anything valuable. This may also be the reason we have never been targeted, lack of valuable possessions.

In happier news, I found that there were non-frozen turkeys at the Costco, so I bought one. It is roasting right now for future sandwiches and other good things. It is the biggest turkey I have ever cooked, almost 20 pounds. I didn't have the room in the refrigerator to thaw one for days on end, so was looking for a nice inexpensive fresh one. The spouse will be pleasantly surprised when he comes home from a hard day at the office to find a mini-Thanksgiving.

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