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The Incredible Vanishing Vacation
7:42 a.m. - 2008-11-23

The spouse had planned to take off all next week to rest and putter around the house and was sooo looking forward to it. All his plans are kaput, and he will be lucky to take Thanksgiving off. He has (had) a very nice, very rich elderly client who passed away this week, so there will be meetings with lawyers, the funeral, and all of that sad business. There are also sudden meetings with clients who wanted to finish things up before they left for Thanksgiving trips and a bunch of other stuff that came up at the last minute. Bummer.

I am almost finished with the hobo bag, just have to sew on the second end of the strap. Melissa stopped by yesterday to try it on and see if it worked. I told her that the zipper is a little strange but can be managed with slow and steady motion, but she says the bag only has to last through 5 trips to the Tower Of Terror. I myself have never gone on a ride that drops you suddenly....heck, I don't even like roller coasters. The last time we were at Disneyland as a family, the girls conned me into going on that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which I thought was just a cute little train ride, but no, it was a coaster. Fear of imminent demise is not my idea of fun.

I am now working on the last sleeve border on the FLS. I should be able to finish off that thing today and start working in earnest on the spouse's socks.

Lots of extra traffic in our neighborhood yesterday. On Halloween the new neighbor in Edna's house threw a wild loud party and most of the guests stayed overnight to avoid any drunk driving. There were cars parked everywhere. Yesterday the neighborhood was again packed to the gills with cars when I woke up. I was thinking that the new guy was turning out to be a party animal when a huge, huge bus pulled up in front of his house and people started pouring out of the house to board the bus. Turns out that he was hosting some sort of Napa Valley wine tour and the people were meeting up at his house. We had a jaunty little Porsche stupidly parked in front of our house, using up a space and a half all day. All cars gone this morning.

I have to make some rye bread today, and I think we will be having turkey for dinner.

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