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8:25 a.m. - 2008-11-25

I found another of those measuring cups! It was, get this, hanging from my thread rack in the sewing room. No comment.

Yesterday I decided on the spur of the moment to make another needle/sock needle holder so that I could fit more sock needles into it and have a pocket for scissors and crochet hooks. I dug through my upholstery fabric samples and came up with two that sort of matched along with a wide strip of knitting that was a gauge swatch. I made the holder like a book with the knitting swatch on the left side for my cable needle and yarn needles, and I put the pockets for scissors and sock needles on the right. I put on an attached elastic circle for holding it closed and a velcro'd flap at the top to prevent sock needle leakage. I am quite pleased with it. Melissa saw it and wants one for herself.

That took up the first half of the day, and then I had to clean out the heater in preparation for actually turning it on. We are doing without the heater this month to save money, and it hasn't really been very cold until now, but Abby will be here for Thanksgiving and doesn't like to freeze.

Today I have to make some bread, which I have been talking about for days but never actually doing. We did not run out of bread because I went down to the bread store and got a sinful loaf of no-whole-grain Wonder Bread in its white, squishy, wonderfulness so the spouse could have a true turkey sandwich. After this loaf is gone, it is back to the whole grains. The year would not be complete without a turkey sandwich on white bread with tons of mayo.

I also found a recipe for a pie made from chocolate melted with marshmallows with whipped cream folded in that would be good for Thanksgiving. It is from a pamphlet from the early 50's that I got in Wisconsin.

Too cold to sit here at the computer any longer, so maybe I should go turn on the heat.

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