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Thanksgiving Rundown
8:35 a.m. - 2008-11-29

This Thanksgiving day was a comedy of disasters. My timer broke - my OXO digital timer that has worked perfectly for several years decided to croak on Thanksgiving. Then the can of corn I opened for the corn pudding cut my finger. Then the oven door fell off. This was a serious disaster, and it was more difficult to mess with because the oven was, of course, blazing hot. I used the potholders and managed to pull out the door hinges and put them back in place, and presto, the door was fixed, thank goodness. I made rolls but forgot to put that little paddle in the bread machine so had to dump all the messy ingredients into a container and put the paddle in. Which is funny because when I was washing out the bread machine pan, I was thinking about the last time I did that very thing, kind of laughing at myself, then I went and did it again.

Anyway, Abby made the America's Test Kitchen greenbean casserole, which is tasty indeed, and sweet potatoes. I remembered about the spouse's Cousin R's wife, who is allergic to mushrooms, so Abby made an extra greenbean casserole without the offending funghi. I decided to make that chocolate pie, so I used the recipe from that old pamphlet from the 50's except that I upped the amount of chocolate by about 10 times. Later on, I noticed that my pie was the only one completely eaten up. Chocolate rules.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving over at the EG's. Grandpa's cousin B was there, and she is easily our favorite person ever. Funny stories were also heard. I asked EG where they got the turkeys for Thanksgiving when she was growing up in Wisconsin, and she said that you had to order them ahead of time from the butcher shop. She said they got something called a Turkeyduck, which she thought was a cross between a turkey and a duck. Abby and I looked this up and decided it must have been a Muscovy duck, since they weren't doing duck/turkey crosses at that time, or even at this time commercially.

Later on I had a discussion with Grandpa about the nature of evil. We had had a discussion about evil people in the church group, and I asked if Ted Bundy was crazy (which would be an illness and require some sort of dispensation, I would think) or evil. The church ladies thought he was evil, so I wanted to ask Grandpa about this. He and EG voted for evil, too. Grandpa said that unless TB was tested and found crazy medically, he must be evil. I said that he was executed so must have been found sane, so Grandpa said, "Sounds like he flunked the test" (for crazy). Sometimes Grandpa cracks me up.

The next day Abby and I cleaned up the kitchen and watched The Big Bang Theory DVD she brought. I think she has converted me into liking another show. I had to hurry and watch the whole first season before she took the DVDs home with her, so I knitted on socks and fixed that white top of Abby's that has been waiting for attention many months now.

Now the spouse wants me to go load the washer up with towels because the sun has come out, so I'd better get busy.

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