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A Merry Zombie Christmas
1:42 p.m. - 2008-12-24

Got up very early this morning to start the roll dough in the breadmaker. Now, hours later, I am looking at several dozen warm, lovely cheese zombies ready for Christmas Eve. I am not going to make the deviled eggs until right before the Christmas Eve dinner festivities because there is no more room in the fridge to store them. This way, I can make them, set them out on the table, and watch them disappear in 5 minutes. I also made a cheese ball, a first for me, using this recipe:

I let it sit in the fridge overnight, and it really is tasty today. This is definitely a recipe I would use again because it doesn't have a lot of strange ingredients that you have to purchase especially for this, and I managed to make it with stuff I happened to have in the house.

Most of my gift wrapping is done, but we can't seem to find the box with all the Christmas tags in it. Abby made up some new ones on the computer so we are back in business. I am sure we will find the Christmas tag box right after Christmas. The girls and the spouse put the tree up last night after Abby tricked Melissa into coming over to pick up her new-to-her coffee maker. Abby went to a moving sale near her apartment and got a nearly new coffee maker for Melissa, who was excited to come over to get it. When she arrived, she found out that she was also on Christmas Tree detail, but in short order the tree was up and decorated.

I just have a few food gifts left to make, then I can relax with my Agatha Christie murder mystery.

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