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Christmas Wrap-Up
5:21 p.m. - 2008-12-26

Our Christmases were pretty nice, though I didn't seem to have much of an appetite for all of the yummy food this year. I made deviled eggs and cheese zombies, and they were attacked and devoured quickly, and the zombies provided an opportunity for lots of discussion and reminiscences. The cousins who didn't grow up in this area required explanations of the wonder of zombies, and instructions on how to microwave them to the ideal state of warm cheesiness. During present opening on Christmas Eve, I had a thoroughly fun war with my nephew. He was busy fighting a wrapping paper skirmish with other cousins, and I kept hitting him in the head with my wrapping paper balls, but he didn't figure out who was getting him until I had hit the target about 9 times. Of course, after he figured it out, I took some pretty bad hits, but totally worth it.

The spouse gave me some really great presents this year. He is developing a knack for getting me stuff that I really use for years afterwards. This year I got some headphones for plugging into the computer to listen to music, and a Garmin wristwatch. The Garmin is way too complicated for me to figure out, and it has the absolutely worst instruction booklet I have ever ever seen. Why would they tell you how to work the buttons and things before they even tell you how to charge it and turn it on??? Anyway, Abby and I sat up late last night fiddling with it and finally got it to show the time and a training mode, but it was totally dead when I got up this morning. Sure uses up the charge fast so I must have done something wrong. I will keep trying because if we can ever figure it out, it could be cool.

In more exciting news, they had a sale on Woolease at the Joanns, and I was able to get some manly colors. At Christmas dinner at the inlaw's, the spouse pulled up his pant leg and showed off his handmade socks to the relatives, something he has never done before, so he must really love them. Such spousal bragging deserves to be rewarded with more socks.

It was supposed to rain for days, but we lucked out with a fine afternoon on Christmas Eve and a lovely, but cold, day today. The spouse and I went for long walks on both days. It was nice to have a respite from worry about the economy. A neighbor of ours just lost his job and is worried about losing his house. I was at the bank today and the young teller was complaining about having to work today when I reminded him to be grateful he still has a job.

Now that New Years is coming up shortly, I am thinking of what I want to do in the coming year. This year I sewed a lot, mostly for Melissa, so next year will be mostly the Year Of Abby. I want to make her some blouses and more socks, and maybe a tote bag or two. I also need to make some more clothes for myself and some more cardigans. And some more hats for the rescue mission.

It is now two days past Christmas. Today has been a tad peculiar. My spouse was shaving this morning, and as he ran the water in the sink, an ominous gurgling noise came from the pipes. This means only one thing, that the main drain line is clogged and all drains in the house are defunct. Abby, ever resourceful, packed herself up and went over to Jason's house where the bathrooms were in working order. I put in a call to the drain company, but they couldn't get to us until after noon. I began reading a very good book, Rosie Dunne, and before I knew it, the drain guy was there. He was finished with his heroic endeavors in about 5 minutes, and as he drove away, Abby returned with great timing. She was pleased that the drains were working since she has had a plan to dye my hair for a while now. My girls are always trying to drag their momma into the modern era. I was tired from all the drain excitement so I just sat in a chair and let her be my beautician. Now I look completely different and surprise myself every time I pass a mirror. She used a medium reddish brown, and it is really almost the color my hair used to be. I haven't had an allergic reaction to the dye so far, so it just might work.

The Garmin was still alive this morning.

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