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New Year's Short and Sweet
12:20 p.m. - 2009-01-01

A new year. So far, nothing much has happened, thank goodness. We went over to Melissa's new place to check out the new floors in the bathrooms, and to deliver Ab's old tech stuff. Now I am home goofing around while they paint the trim and other exciting stuff. Meanwhile, I still have to work on his brown Opal socks, which are getting tedious and troublesome.

This year I plan to make some clothes for the Abster, since it is THE YEAR OF ABBY because I sewed so many items for Melissa last year. I am sure, as loving sisters, that they never keep track of such stuff (!!). Sibling rivalry never dies. I am also going to make some tote bags. I got a new McCalls pattern for tote bags with a patchwork look, and it is just the thing for my many decorator fabric scraps. In fact, I think I will stop typing and go check out my fabrics.

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