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Toe to Toe
5:18 p.m. - 2009-01-02

Today was a fun day in some ways. I have been working on the husband socks and just got fed up with my Knitpicks needles falling out of the yarn every two seconds. I love my KP needles for most other sock knitting, but somehow they just aren't working for me with this Opal yarn. I have dropped so many stitches and wasted so much time fixing them that I finally decided to try size 1 bamboos. I remembered that I had a coupon for 50% off at the fabric store, so off I went. I was successful finding just what I wanted, and there may have been a few more sale patterns purchased too. When I got home, I replaced my slippy needles with the bamboos and started knitting. These needles work so well on this yarn that in no time at all I had finished the sock all the way to the toe grafting. Now I just have to finish up the other sock which is already halfway to the toe.

While I was knitting, I watched 'The Last Kiss' DVD with Zach Braff. It was an OK movie but the characters were so incredibly stupid that it is not one I would recommend. People were cheating on spouses, making babies out of wedlock, cheating on their shack-up honey, and engaging in similar behavior guaranteed to make their lives a living hell, so you ended up not really caring what happened to such foolish people. Now I am watching a Chinese film 'For The Children', which so far is very good.

I am trying to decide what item to sew first for The Year Of Abby, and I have decided to make the tote bag first for the fun of it. I have some fabric with fruits all over it so I will try that and see how it goes. If the result does not strike her fancy, I can always put it aside for later gift giving. I like this fruit fabric, with is a decorator fabric with bright spring colors, and it will match the yellow denim I have lots of for lining. I also have some really cute mod fabrics that I got from the decorator fabric store that is closing over in West County since lots of their stuff is on sale now for $3/yard (a great price for an expensive decorator fabric). I have some Amy Butlerish prints and some polka dots for binding and trim, so it should be fun to work with.

Yesterday we went over to the EGs for a most excellent New Year's dinner. She makes this sausage 'hot dish', to use Midwest lingo, that is just wonderful and is a favorite of her sons. She served it with regular mixed vegetables, you know, the frozen kind, and I don't know what she did to them to make them so scrumptious. She also served a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers in a creamy dressing, very delicious.

The spouse got another Christmas gift from the donut shop near his office. I wonder how much you have to eat at a donut shop before the owners send you a Christmas gift??

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