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Pinch Pleats
8:06 a.m. - 2009-01-10

Evan's birthday is coming up soon, and Jason has ordered way more tamales than we could eat in a week. Hopefully he will freeze some of them so that Auntie M can have some when she comes down next time, and she can cart them all north, giving the Great Jasoni back his precious freezer space. I have been busy washing the drapes from Melissa's new place. She is keeping the white ones from the bedroom, so I offered to give them a serious soak and press. It is a lot of work to press drapes, I am finding out, even short ones like these. However, they look good and smell much better, and I will only have to do it once. Today most of her stuff is being moved over, all the detritus from years stuffed into one room at Jason's. The end of an era.

I wanted to have a finished object for the first week of the year, and I had two! Well, I guess it only counts as 1 1/2, since one of them was one sock. I made a tote bag out of the fruit fabric, all lined and with wooden handles, and it turned out great. I am deciding whether to put it in the Future Present Box or use it myself since it will match the yellow cardigan I am making. Now that that one was successfully completed, I am working on a large tote of blue fabric with multi-colored polka dots. This will be lined in canvas and have some batting to give the bag a little substance. There will be pockets on the outside and pockets on the inside, and a zipper on the top. The second finished object was the man sock out of dark brown Opal. The second sock is complete except for the toe grafting, so I should have that done very soon.

Now I should stop procrastinating and go press that second drape.

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